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Find the best washing machine for you with durable Maytag® appliances

When it comes to performance and durability, Maytag has powerful washers to tackle your family’s stains. Compare all washers below to determine whether front-load or top-load models fit your needs best, which features will match your messes and which machines have the capacity your family requires. When you shop Maytag washers, you’ll receive the extra cleaning power of the PowerWash® cycle when you need it most in every model. Choose from features like the Optimal Dose dispenser system which provides optimal cleaning by releasing detergent, softener and stain removers at the right time in the right amount, and cycles like Sanitize and Deep Water Wash which help you tackle even the dirtiest loads. Best of all, our washers are made tough to last. Compare our washers to find the right fit for your home and browse all dryers to create the perfect duo.